Saturday, April 23, 2011

New York Easter Parade Videos

If you can't get to the Easter Parade this year, you can be there via video-- well to be precise, you can  check out last year's Easter Parade and a few other's already past by just checking out YouTube. The hats are a hoot and the atmosphere is pure New York.

What started as a dignified, after church promenade down Fifth Avenue in the 1850's, has become a total theatrical experience in which anyone who wants to can participate.

The city blocks off Fifth Avenue from 47th to 59th Street from 10 am to 4 pm on Easter Sunday and the area becomes a pedestrian mall filled with folks wearing amazing headgear, street performers, gawkers and tourists. It's quite a spectacle and a lot of fun. 

If you are going to be in New York for Easter, you should definitely show up.  It's a real experience  and definitely a You Tube moment.  Happy Easter everyone.

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Hanna said...

Happy people and spring - I love it!