Monday, April 18, 2011

A Highchair for Dogs? Get a Grip IKEA

A friend sent me this video promoting Ikea's  new product, a highchair made just for dogs so your pooch can be part of the family at mealtime too.  Call me grumpy, but I find the whole idea stupid and a bit shocking.

I mean I like dogs as much as the next person.  I had one as a kid and another when my kids were little and yes, they were part of the family but they were DOGS not people. They didn't sit at the table with the family and we didn't feed them table scraps.  They were fed and walked separately, like dogs.

Call me crazy, but in a world where millions of children don't have clean drinking water and people go to bed hungry every night, the idea of a dog sitting at the  family table in a special doggie high chair seems a little obscene. But then the world being what it is, there are probably a lot of people who will disagree with me and want one for Fido ASAP.

And somewhere, a world away, people will still go to be hungry at night. Some things never change.

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Sherri said...

"...stupid and a bit shocking.." is being kind! This is insane. Dogs need to be treated as dogs, not as children. If you want a problem dog, then give it a high chair to have supper at the dining table with the family. Amazing! However, IKEA's probably making money on this one.