Monday, October 31, 2011

Slightly Creepy Vintage Halloween Kids

Check out these old snapshots of  kids in Halloween costumes.  I love the vintage feel of the photos with their home made costumes and non standard celebrations.  Clearly,  Halloween was less commercial and more about dressing up back in the day-- but it was somehow a little creepier too. Don't you agree?

Little Red Riding Hood Mwaaa-ha-ha-ha

Depression-Era Kids in Home-made Masks

Madame Butterfly in 1921 Looking Pretty Grim

 Something Ominous about This Little Girl, Isn't There?

Is This a Costume Party or a Bank Heist?

A Spooky Little Jester of Uncertain Age

And Finally,  From the Kids and Grownups 

At  A 1919 Halloween Party

 Happy Halloween


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Princessa said...

Spooky!!! Have a fun Halloween