Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Wearing to Will and Kate's Wedding

Yes, I'll be there. Wouldn't miss it. I'll be wearing my cotton nightgown-- the one with long sleeves and the slightly faded floral pattern on it. Since I don't like bathrobes, the gown will be set off by a loose weave wool throw that is usually on my couch. The fringe on the throw matches the faded blue in my nightgown and goes well with the big fuzzy blue bedroom slippers I'll have on my feet.  You may find this shocking, but I won't be wearing a hat.

I may be a little late for the opening festivities. They start at four in the morning here on the East Coast of the United States, but I am an early riser and I don't mind setting my alarm for 5am--seems to me that I can afford to miss an opening hour of  American TV pundits slavering over London and British Royals.  I'll program my electric coffeemaker the night before so by the time the procession starts I should be well ensconced, semi awake and sipping hot coffee. By the time the bride gets to Westminster Abbey for the ceremony, I should be wide awake, munching toast with jam and with Kleenex at the ready ( I always cry at weddings. I think I even cried at my own)

I'll have my laptop with me at the wedding ( not sure what Emily Post would say about taking a laptop to a wedding, but if you are going to attend in your nightgown, I think a laptop is fine)  Anyway, for anyone who cares, check out  The Royal Channel on YouTube. This is the official YouTube channel of the British Monarchy. They will be streaming the whole event live and I bet they will have some unique tidbits to share.  Go there now  to sign the royal guestbook and get some inside info.

But, I am keeping the TV turned off till the big day.  I am already sick to death of the run up.  This morning  we had a tour of the royal gardens at Windsor Castle and it was all about the flowers for the wedding. And then there is the royal wedding memorabilia , some of which is OK, like plates and coffee mugs, but some of which is just a bit over the top ( like Kate and Will teabags and condoms.).  The best of all is the much vaunted Will and Kate sick bag, which seems to be the runaway best seller and is making somebody a lot of money.  Today the entire American press corps is broadcasting from London and is running around interviewing American tourists and asking them silly questions like " Why did you decide to come to the wedding?"  Yawn.  Click and off with the TV.

I've got my outfit ready and I have to say I wish the young couple all the best. I have high hopes for them. See you at the wedding. Sorry I can't stay for the reception. I've got a scheduling conflict. Fairy tales are fun, but real life does get in the way sometimes.


JamaGenie said...

Love it! Emily Post wouldn't know a laptop from a canape, so I wouldn't worry about having yours to The Wedding. :-}

pinkpackrat said...

Thanks Jama-- I bet you'll be attending with your laptop too:-)

Frieda Babbley said...

I am laughing my ass off! So you really think it's okay to bring a laptop if you're wearing a night gown? What if you're wearing your comfies? Because I think I'd like to wear my confies. And what sort of perfume would you suggest wearing? I'm thinking of wearing cafeaubagel of Cremechez. I don't know if it's subtle enough.

pinkpackrat said...

oh cafeaubagel( with a hint of cream cheese of course) sounds perfect. You can skip the eyeshadow and the earrings though.

Paraglider said...

I wore black shorts and a bright red cutaway T-shirt emblazoned with the black double-headed eagle that is the Albanian national flag.
I also 'wore' about half a dozen cans of Heineken and surrounded a fair amount of barbecued sausages.
Does that qualify? For anything?

pinkpackrat said...

Ahhhh Paraglider, sartorial splendor indeed--only thing missing is a tattoo. You win the best dressed prize for sure:-)