Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Warning About Pets Dressed as Santa

I know you love your pet and I know it's Christmas, but honestly, Fido doesn't like wearing a Santa hat and Butch  looks dumb in antlers.  Don't do it-- and since one picture is worth a thousand words-- here's why.

kitty is not amused

These guys may look cute but I ask you -- do they look happy?

Keep scrolling and looking for the happy face

See what I mean?

A bunny Santa Hat? oh nooooooooo

these guys are feeling pretty stupid in those antlers. I can tell, can't you?

So, give the dog a bone and the cat some catnip and the bunny an extra carrot for Christmas and  wear the Santa hat yourself or let your kids dress up as Santa-- kids look cute in Santa hats and they usually love wearing them.

Don't these kids look happy?   I rest my case

Merry Christmas and a big Ho Ho Ho


JamaGenie said...

Purr-fect!! Ho ho ho!

Stephanie said...

Cute - the second photo looks just like our dog Earl!

pinkpackrat said...

Hi Guys-- and ho ho ho and thanks to EArl for posing for the pic:-)

Flash said...

Oh no! Guilty as charged! I've got outfits for both my basset hound & my pitty bull. Bella has already chewed off the jingle bells!

pinkpackrat said...

oooops Flash-- I forgot to add that some very very nice people do dress up their animals for Christmas :-)

Amanda said...

Surely no self-respecting cat would stand for being dressed up? None I've known would have worn it (-:

UninvitedWriter said...

I wouldn't dare try to dress up my cat...I could never close my eyes again...

Susan said...

Absolutely love it. I confess to putting my Lab in a wreath collar once and then felt terribly guilty.
Never again.