Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things Go Better With Coke-Man at the World Cup

 A giant football fan will be cheering on  players and fans at the World Cup in Johannesburg starting this week end.  " Coke Man"" weighs 25 tons and stands over 16 meters tall -- what a guy!

He dominates the landscape in Johannesburg's Fan Park.  Odds are he'll become quite the mascot dontchathink?

Constructed from 2500 plastic coca cola crates, " Coke Man"  looks like lego but he's not.  He's greener and cooler because he is recycled and re-purposed. Way to Go Coca Cola... definitely a winner.

Read more about this unique sculpture at  which is also the source for these fab pix. Now, on to the World Cup. Hope your team wins


JamaGenie said...

College dorm rooms all over the world must be missing their bookshelves.... ;D

pinkpackrat said...