Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ketchup and Mayo Crime Spree

Police in Boise Idaho busted  74 year old Joy L. Cassidy  last Sunday, putting an end to her ketchup and mayo crime spree. They caught her red handed,  pouring an open jar of mayonnaise down the local library  book drop.   It wasn't the first time it seems.

Library employees have been finding books in the drop covered in condiments since last May which was why police were alerted. Ketchup, mayo and corn syrup have been used to deface books. There have also, it seems, been other condiment crimes in the area in which Ms. Cassidy is a "person of interest"   Sounds like what passes for a crime wave in Idaho to me:-)

Police staked out the library parking lot last Sunday and caught Cassidy pouring an open jar of mayonnaise down the book drop.  They also found a loaded handgun under the drivers seat  of Cassidy's car so carrying a concealed weapon was added to the misdemeanor charges. 

 Joy Cassidy is obviously  a woman who knows how to hold a grudge.Wonder what she is getting even for-- a big library fine or a snippy librarian who  shushhed her one to many times is what I'm thinking. Whatever it was,  ketchup, mayo and handguns won't solve the problem.



JamaGenie said...

Why mayo and ketchup, etc? Obviously she wanted to damage books (and the book drop), but I'm certainly mystified at her choice of "weapon"!

pinkpackrat said...

especially when she had a gun under the drivers seat-- kinda gives you pause for thought doesn't it?