Thursday, May 13, 2010

Janey Cutler is The New Susan Boyle

Move over Susan Boyle, there's a new girl in town.  Janey Cutler wowed the judges at Britain's Got Talent   and now she is taking YouTube by storm. She's gone viral for sure.

The eighty year old great grandmother can belt out a song with the best of them. Her husky rendition of Piaf's " Non, Je ne regrette rien"  would have made the little sparrow proud.  Funny how as American Idol fades, Britain's Got Talent just keeps churning out the fabulous surprises.

Janey is wonderful and an inspiration to any woman who is getting old or plans to do so.  Like Susan Boyle, Janey Cutler is from Scotland and she's  almost  twice Susan's age.  What is it about Scotland that produces such tough and talented women?  Whatever it is, it works.  Check out Janey's audition.  However you look at it, she's a winner.


JamaGenie said...

Marvelous! Bravo! If not for shows like this, we'd never know people like Janey exist.

pinkpackrat said...

I wanna be like Janey when I grow up:-)