Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitten Beats the Heat

It is so hot outside that my brain is frying. I am incapable of thinking, much less composing a blogpost. So finally, I googled " eating ice cream cones"  just for fun, and this video was up there right on top. What could be cuter than a kitten eating an ice cream cone?  What? Yes, a kitten with a milk mustache( you have to watch to the end of the video for it) is even cuter.

This gets a 10 on the cuteness index, but I can't help wondering how hot it is in that animal shelter and what those girls are doing feeding ice cream to kittens and, most of all, where is that kitten's  Mama?  Doesn't she deserve some ice cream too?

Never mind. It's too hot to ask questions.  I have a pint of ice cream in the fridge. I think I'll have some.  Maybe it will help me cool off:-)


Ahab said... cute!

Speaking of which, I think I'll get into that pint of Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide in my freezer.

pinkpackrat said...

oooh Ben&Jerry;s ( drool)

Sherri said...

Too adorable!