Monday, July 16, 2012

Don't Frack Your Mother

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I'm not sure what John Lennon would say about this one, but Yoko, Sean and Jimmy Fallon are all having a good time.  And they are definitely getting the anti- fracking message across.

 That said, there is something downright weird about Sean (a dead ringer for his late father) singing " don't frack my mother" while Yoko( who IS his mother)  leaps around the stage  wearing a fedora and holding a globe, gleefully chortling " don't frack me, don't frack me"  As Ogden Nash once opined " Vice is nice, but incest is best."

Oh, what the frack-- watch the video. It's creepy but funny-- which makes it a perfect 21st Century protest song. Eat your heart out Pete Seeger.

H/T  to my favorite local videographer and twitter pal @NSJersey for  bringing this video to my attention.


Flash said...

A multi-leveled thought inducer!

Susan said...

Not exactly sure WHAT I think about this.

pinkpackrat said...

yup-- it is a tad odd, isn't it?