Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrity Fruits: Photo Remix by Felix Antoima

There isn't much information online about Venezuelan photographer, Felix Antoima, but his work speaks for itself. You can check out  his Flickr photostream, for a look at his amazing photography, but there isn't much of a bio.  Too bad.  He has creative eye and a brilliantly original mind and I'd like to know more about him.

Until he sets up his own website you can check him out at Design You Trust  where I found  his celebrity photo remix-- a playfully creative exercise in photo manipulation-- so clever I just had to reblog it here.

Travis Baker banana

"Homerato" HomerSimposn tomato

 John Lennon pear

Robert deNero Cantelope

Hugo Chavez Apple

The Kiwis--Chris Rock,Tracy Morgan, Eddie Murphy and Eddie Griffin

Angelina Jolie peach

Here's the  contact info for  Felix Antoima from the original post.


Felix Antoima said...

Hi, Pink pack rat this is felix antoima thanks a lot for sharing my work on your blog... greetings from Venezuela

Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban said...

Thanks for the pictures.

They are awesome!

pinkpackrat said...

glad you like them-- for a look at his more serious stuff, which is also awesome-- check out his flickr photostream-- there's a link to it in the post. And thanks for reading and commenting as always:-)

pinkpackrat said...

HI Felix-- thanks for stopping by -- the pleasure was mine. I love your work.