Friday, January 28, 2011

Planes in Space

Not sure whether this is an internet marketing ploy from Samsung to let us all know how indestructable their chips are or just high tech littering, but 200 paper airplanes launched from the edge of space  is quite a feat. Whatever--the guys who did it sure had fun.

They released 200 paper planes using a weather balloon as a launcher.  Each plane had a Samsung chip with a message on it attached.  If you find one, they want to hear from you.  So far, it seems planes have been found in such disparate places as Europe, South Africa, and  North America so keep your eyes open.

The whole thing seems more adolescent prank than cutting edge internet marketing to me, but the guys in the video seem to be having a good time.

I'm wondering if those  chips are bio-degradable or will they be littering landfills and sea bottoms for the next million years?

Source: Project Space Planes

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