Friday, October 8, 2010

Not Your Grandfather's Robot Teddy Bear

Fujitsu has been working on a robot teddy bear for a decade, but the product is now just about ready for market and being shown off these days at important trade shows. It is definitely not your grandfather's teddy.

Billed as a learning tool for the very young or as a companion in nursing homes for the elderly ( yuk, how patronizing), Teddy looks adorable but once he starts reacting, seems just a tad creepy to me.

 He's got a  webcam in his nose and can evidently gauge when a human is near and by analyzing body language and various other factors, can figure out how the human is feeling and respond appropriately......hmmmm that's more than some of the men in  my life have been able to do .

Maybe I need a teddybear robot even though I 'm not ready for the nursing home.  One problem though,  I think it snores.

Check this link for the original article on Crunchgear


JamaGenie said...

Creepy for sure! Personally, I'd prefer a robot kitty cat. All the benefits of the robot teddy and no litter box. Or better 'bout a life-size man doll. All the benefits of the robot teddy, no dirty socks to pick up, and never a worry that "he" left the toilet seat up. :-}}}}}}}}}}}

pinkpackrat said...

hahaha I think I'll stick with the teddy bears