Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Look for Computers and iPhone

Do you long for the warmth of wood and  vintage feel of  times gone by?  How about a wireless keyboard that uses genuine recycled old manual typewriter keys? Or a decorated oak frame and marble base for your monitor-- or even your ipod, iphone or ipad.   If vintage is your thing, check out Old Time Computers. Choose from a selection of solid wood covers and docks.

The guy who makes these things is an old time Mac-head who also loves to tinker with and restore old  cars. He's a vintage geek himself and he does good work.   He's making these things one at a time so each one is a unique, custom job.  Considering that, they are priced very reasonably.  Have a look.  You can go to his website and also find him on Etsy.   If you want something special, he'll custom create something just for you.  How cool is that?

Everything old is new again.

Solid oak iphone dock& charger

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