Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guy Walks Across America Video

This video has already gone viral.  I am probably the gazillionth person to reblog it.  No wonder-- it is just fabulous.  You really get a feel for the size and variety of the country.  I had fun trying to identify the cities and towns and parts of the country he was in.  The music rocks too. See what you think.

And now, go behind the scenes and  have a look at how they did it-- fascinating.


JamaGenie said...

I admire the crew for their ingenuity and fortitude. But all that effort over 14 days for a less than 2 minutes video...these guys had wayyyyy too much time on their hands. ;D

pinkpackrat said...

Oh I don't know-- viral on YouTube will probably open a lot of doors for them-- 2 minutes well spent IMHO