Saturday, May 29, 2010

Carrots and Sticks: What Motivates You?

What works best, carrots or sticks?  Conventional wisdom says that the bigger the reward, the better the result and the bigger the punishment, the greater the deterrent but reality, according to recent research is rather different.  Money, beyond a certain point, is not a prime motivator and threats of punishment fail to prevent many things from bad behavior in children to serious crime in adult society.

  So much for all those investment bankers who justify their obscene bonuses by insisting that the best talent costs money.  So much as well for those who insist that torture gives valuable intelligence.  Moderation, it seems, both in terms of carrots and sticks is the most effective course of action.  The ancient Greeks would be proud.

Here's a video that spells it all out for you..... something for you to chew on over this long, holiday week-end. Have fun, and don't work too hard.


JamaGenie said...

What a great video! And soooo true! Thanks!

pinkpackrat said...

gladja liked it :-)