Friday, April 30, 2010

The Cockroach Hall of Fame

 Would you believe there is a Cockroach " Hall of Fame" and museum in Plano, Texas?  If you don't know Plano, it's an upscale suburb of Dallas which houses 267,000 or so well-heeled inhabitants who you would not think would be the sort of people to glorify the cockroach. But, Texas is Texas where everything is bigger, and people delight in doing things that would be unthinkable elsewhere

As owner, and local pest control expert,  Michael Bohdan , says:   "It is not the Smithsonian."   which is kind of an under-statement, but if you have a sense of humor, and especially if you've put down a couple of Lone Star beers before you visit, it could be a lot of fun.

 The museum features  little cockraoch exhibits-- dead cockroaches dressed up in costume " Liberoach-ie"  (pictured above) is seated at a little piano on which sits a candelabra. Marilyn Mon-roachi and Ross- Per-oach are among the other celebrity roaches on  parade. Then there are the dead specimens from all over the world which line the walls-- including Dallas's largest cockroach ever( two inches long) ewwwwwww. There are live exhibits as well ( double ewwwwwwww) Huge live roaches burrowing into the dark and feeding-- yuk.

As an ex- New Yorker, I can't say I am too fond of roaches, but I might make an exception for the Cockroach Hall of Fame.  If I ever get to Plano I'll be sure to stop by. Yeeeee-Ha!


JamaGenie said...

It'd take more than a couple of ice cold Lone Star long necks - my beer of choice on a hot day - to get me to visit a museum dedicated to these disgusting, **disease-carrying** insects no matter how cute they're dressed up. Ain't gonna happen.

pinkpackrat said...

I know-- it is such a weird idea-- but funny, you have to admit.

Frieda Babbley said...

This is so cool! My son watched it with me and just thought it was so cool. Fantastic find. I have to say I am still NOT a fan of Cockroaches. I can't say as I could be gotten to go inside this museum unless I was prodded, like really hard, lol. Is there an admission cost? I think this would be the final factor.

pinkpackrat said...

HI Frieda-- well, I guess any red blooded little boy would love the place. Personally, I'm with you about cockroaches-- I'll never like them. In my book they are right up there with snakes in the ewwwwww department. As for an admission fee-- I don't think there is one. The owner is the local exterminator and the museum is in his building--great promotion dontchathink?

Susan said...

So do you think NYC will be opening a bed bug museum anytime soon?

Scout's Honor said...

Ahahha. Now I know where I'll ever go if I go to Texas.

Only in Texas!