Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why I'm Done With Downton Abbey

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 I am so disappointed in Episode One of Season Four that I think I am done with Downton Abbey.  I tuned in last week, after months of anticipation and what a  letdown.  I have never seen so many " set ups" packed into one episode in my life. It began to both annoy and bore me.  In spite of  wonderful ambiance and excellent acting, I just could not make myself care . Maybe I just have the typical 30 second American attention span, and have reached my limit, but it felt to me like they were trying too hard. The story line seemed forced and over the top. I know it is hard to top that Season Three finale but really.  This is just too much.   I'm on Downton Abbey overload.

 I'm starting to find I just don't care whether Lady Mary ever comes out of her funk, nor am I much interested in what happens to Lady Edith and her married man lover/publisher.  Lord Grantham is getting to be a bore, and even Carson and Mrs Pattmore and the rest of the downstairs crowd  don't excite me anymore.  That goes double for  Anna and Mr. Bates who should stop being such a pair of goodie goodies and go off to America and make a fortune  running a posh hotel in San Francisco.

 For three seasons, Downton Abbey was a magnificent time machine that transported me weekly to a different era and location, and not only introduced me, but really involved me, in the tragedies and triumphs of people I came to love and care about week after week.  Not since Upstairs Downstairs and I, Claudius  have I been so involved  in  one of these historical dramas that the English do so well.  But, like everything else, it had to end sometime.  The internet is awash in Downton Abbey memorabilia,  which is a sign that the end is near.  Do a search for Downton Abbey on Etsy and you will find everything from  Downton Abbey note cards and jewelry, to samplers and drink coasters featuring  Downton Abbey quotes, to my personal favorite:  Maggie Smith's character,the Dowager Countess as a cat portrait.  No further comment needed, I think.
Dowager Countess cat portrait on Etsy
I'll probably tune in again this Sunday night for episode two of season four, and I am truly prepared to be pleasantly surprised, but if  things don't improve rapidly, I'm done with Downton.

Video: Downton Abbey Season 4 Spoof 


JamaGenie said...

DA was already "trying too hard" midway through Season 3. My infatuation ended as soon as the credits started rolling in the last epi of Season 3. Sorry you wasted 90 minutes you'll never get back on ANY episode of Season 4!

Roberta Kyle said...

Well, I have to admit that while I am not hooked on Season 4 the way I was on previous seasons, I have gotten to like it better as it wore on and actually enjoyed the final episode.......thought I still think the whole thing has deteriorated to "As the World Turns" with a British accent LOL

Roberta Kyle said...
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