Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Downton Abbey Musical Parody Camps it Up on YouTube

If you, like me, are a devoted Downtonista  waiting with baited breath for Season 4 to begin airing on this side of the Atlantic, take heart.  A wonderful  Musical Parody and Season 4 sneak peek  surfaced a couple of weeks ago on YouTube and is here to save the day.

Not only is it absolutely hilarious, it makes a true Downton Abby addict like me go into DT's (that's Downton Tremens to  you social Downton Abby watchers).  I'm still laughing and the laughing makes the waiting till January for season 4 just a bit easier to bear ( pass the kleenex please)

 Colin Andrew Mochrie, of Whose LIne Is It Anyway? fame, is brilliant as Downton writer and  creator, Julian Fellowes. He serves as a sort of narrator, holding the musical numbers together.  My fave is a duet about tea and teabags sung by Carson and Mrs Hughes.  I won't spoil your fun.  Check out Vanity Fair's fabulous review and then watch the video.

 You are going to laugh yourself silly. I promise.

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