Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rita Hayworth and Saturday Night Fever

Just came across the most amazing video and had to share.  This is Rita Hayworth, Gene Kelly and various other movie stars from the 1940's and '50's  dancing their little vintage hearts out.  The video has been edited  so that the clips from various un-named movies ( have fun guessing which ones they are if you are old enough to remember) are perfectly in sync with the music which is-- tah dah-- the Bee gees singing Stayin' Alive from the sound track of the great '70's hit movie, Saturday Night Fever.

It is a masterful  vintage remix that integrates two fabulous eras seamlessly-- enjoy


Flash said...

You find the BEST links. This one is just plain wonderful.

pinkpackrat said...

thanks Flash, but I can't take credit. This was emailed to me by a friend-- glad you liked it:-)

Ahab said...

I loved it. That music and those dance moves together were just so RIGHT!