Sunday, April 22, 2012

In Honor of Earth Day

Today, April 22, is  Earth Day and billons of people, all across our planet are celebrating  and organizing to help and heal our  planet -- Events everywhere are planned around the theme of mobilizing the planet and in spite of rain, millions are expected to gather on the National Mall in Washington.

Personally, I'll be out in my garden until the rain starts, and then I'll be observing Earth Day by keeping up with events online and everyday by trying to do my bit to recycle, re-purpose and not pollute. Whatever you are up to today, give some thought to our beautiful home planet If nothing else, you need to watch the classic Earth Day  video made by David Bayliss that I'm posting today. I guarantee it will make you really appreciate the home we all share.

Happy Earth Day 2012


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Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban said...

Beautiful indeed!

Thank you Roberta for the reminder.