Monday, February 27, 2012

Yesterday's Amaretto Biscuit Tin is Today's Eco- Jewelry

It's just amazing what some people can do with an old Lazzaroni Biscuit Tin.  I used to keep extra change in one just like the picture above and thought I was being very clever.

 But jewelry artist, Jacquiline ter Kuile. is the clever one.  In her Bucks County Pennsylvania  studio she takes a biscuit tin like the one above, cuts out interesting shapes, backs them with solid copper for proper weight and heft and adds sterling silver ear wires for an elegant and fun pair of earth friendly earrings.

To get the full effect you have to see the dozens of wonderful pairs of earrings that Jackie has made from just one Lazzaroni tin.  She has other vintage metal boxes and tins that she is re-purposing as well.  It is all done carefully, by hand and by her in her studio by the river in New Hope Pennsylvania.  Her jewelry is sold in a few local galleries and she does the craft shows too.  In fact, she is part of the annual uried craft show put on by the Pennsylvania Guild of Crafts.

For more yummy recycled eco treats by Jackie, or to contact her, you can visit her website or find her on Facebook.  I know she has a lot boxes and tins around her studio and she is busy every day working her magic on them.

 copper backed pendants from the same biscuit tin as the earrings

Jacqueline ter Kuile

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Flash said...

I've got a lot of those types of tins lurking in nooks & crannies. Time to lure them out and repurpose them.

I'm not on SU anymore...I don't like the new system (Fluffy2002). Let's stay in touch!