Saturday, January 28, 2012

Solar Storms and Northern Lights

We humans are lucky this year. It seems the increase in solar storms is resulting in some spectacular Northern Light shows for us to enjoy here on earth.  This one is in Norway, but they are happening all  around the Arctic Circle and are extending further south than usual  as well.  The scientists say that we will be experiencing increased Northern Lights for the next year or so, which is just fine by me.  Maybe, I can get someplace to see one in person.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying the show via YouTube.

Seen up close and personal, Northern Lights arequite amazing. I witnessed them just once, years ago in Iceland and it was awe-inspiring..... more like being in church than being in church is.  Those northern lights went on dancing for about twenty minutes.  It was an awe- inspiring " son et lumiere" courtesy of Mother Nature and it reminded me of how big the universe is and how small we are.

The video below brought it all back to me. It's one of the best I've seen of the January 23 spectacular light show.  Though nothing can compare with being there, this video comes close.  Enjoy.


Ahab said...

Wow! Some of those auroras were so bright that they turned night into day. They resembled curtains of light and color rippling through the sky.

Flash said...

So lovely! A friend of mine lived in northern Norway for some time and had the good fortune of enjoying these first hand, night after night.

pinkpackrat said...

It's mother nature's own light show and quite amazing-- especially this year