Friday, December 16, 2011

Weird Hand Crafted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Looking for some unique and " different" ornaments for your tree?  If the ordinary Christmas stuff is starting to send you into a diabetic coma, the antidote is right here. Etsy is the place to go for jaw droppingly weird, kid-frightening, zombie loving, out of the ordinary, hand crafted goodies for your holiday tree.

Goth Skeleton Santa  for your tree? This black ribboned ornament is sculpted, molded and cast in resin. Each one is individually painted. and has black felt on the backing. Check it out at footstepsinthewind  on Etsy

Nothing says festive like a flesh-eating zombie chasing a little elf. This four inch high ornament fashioned from strong plate steel can be yours over at VonChandler onEtsy   it's made in the USA.

Anybody for a tree decorated with " bizarre alien fetus"  ornaments?  You can find a set of 14 over at  Beth Robinson's Strange Dolls  Etsy shop or at StrangeDolls. net . Kind of a turn off, but perhaps something for your worst enemy?

 Something to warm the cockles of a vampire fancier''s heart is  this ceramic zombie Santa tree ornament. Turn him over and the back says ( are you ready?)  " Seasons Eatings"  Angela Rocco is selling this one in her Etsy Shop.  Hurry on over.  If this is not your thing there are lots of other vintage goodies to choose from.

Who wouldn't love a beautiful handpainted Christmas globe with an image of Sasquatch on it?  It's a conversation starter for sure.  You can find this and more Sasquatch themed decorations to delight and confound at rainbeauxcraft on Etsy

And last, but far from least, over at an Etsy store called FecalFriends you can imitate the South Park kids and choose from a number of Christmas Poo themed felt tree ornaments.  They even have a Christmas Poo Tree Skirt for sale.  Knock yourself out.

OK that's the best of the best for the moment, but I'm keeping my eyes open. Have a great day and don't let the zombies get you down. Put them on your tree.  Merry Christmas, everybody


Flash said...

Love these!

Ahab said...

The alien fetus one is ... different, to say the least.

You know, when I first looked at the zombie ornament, I thought the zombie was chasing a bird-man whose head was turned toward him. Optical illusion?

pinkpackrat said...

heh heh-- they are odd, aren't they? Hey Ahab-- that's not optical illusion, just a creative mind. Now that you mention it, I can see the birdman too-- Happy Holidays everybody:-)

Sherri said...

Haha! Love these. Vampire Santa could be my favorite...I can think of a few people I'd like to scare.