Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Texting At Your Own Wedding

I love smart phones, but I admit I am a real stick in the mud when it comes to people talking and texting in restaurants and at social gatherings. It strikes me as really rude.  But texting while waiting for your father to walk you down the aisle at your own wedding?  That is just over the top.

I wonder if the newlyweds caught in this video will be texting each other from opposite sides of the nuptual bed on their honeymoon.. The possibilities here are just too funny.  Where is SNL when you need them.  The video below was shot by a professional wedding photographer who posted it on YouTube and had this to say about it.
"This is part of a wedding video I shot in August 2008 at the Mission Beach Women's Club in San Diego, CA. It was otherwise perfectly normal except for this one funny clip of the bride TEXTING just after her dad walked her down the isle! At one point, I noticed her doing it through my lens and I had to pull away form the camera to make certain I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. The minister was busy reading his opening comments and her back was to everyone in attendance. I was the only one to see her. Her dad glanced over at her and then saw me doing a double take and began to laugh out loud! You can see him doing it in the clip. Totally funny!"
I think it is totally funny too. Don't you?

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