Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's An Angry Bird Christmas

updated for Christmas 2012

The Ultimate Angry Bird Christmas

Wouldn't an Angry Birds Christmas tree decorated with hand-crafted ornaments from Etsy sellers just be the best?  Here you go.  There's a wide variety to choose from.  Here are a few of my faves-- some are left over from previous years, others are brand new additions. All can be found online and I've provided links ( mostly to Etsy stores) for your shopping convenience....Merry Christmas fellow Angry Bird addicts.

Wooden Angry Bird Ornaments

Hand painted, personalized heart shaped wooden ornaments are only $4.00 each(plus shipping from Ohio).  I think a whole tree full of them would be great. Or, have them made up to use as personalized gift tags. They are adorable and the price is certainly right  Order now from Heavenly Designs on Etsy.

Origami Angry Birds

Or what about origami angry bird paper ornaments, artfully folded into yes, you guessed it -- angry birds?  Aren't these wonderful?  Perfect as tree ornaments and useful all year round as table decorations,  party favors or whatever. Check them out at myorigamiandyours on Etsy

 Four Felt Angry Bird Ornaments

Set of four hand crafted felt Angry Birds, lightly padded with polyester filling and ready for your tree.  Made in Australia and 10 AUD plus shipping the set.  That's about 10.75 USD.  Check out the details at tenlittlefingers1 on Etsy

Classic Christmas Globe, Angry Bird Style

You are definitely going to want several of these for your Angry Birds Tree-- hand painted classic Christmas globes that personify your favorite birds-- wish they did the piggies too.  You could always ask.  At $9.00 each these babies are a bit pricey but definitely worth it.  Check them out at the aptly named Etsy shop, Just Balls

Birds and Piggies at Target

 Just in case you are into mass produced ornaments and want to check out Angry Birds at the Mall, Target has these babies-- birds and piggies at a price that lets you decorate a whole big tree with them. Go ahead.. You know you want to.

Yoda Treetopper

While,sadly, there is still no Angry Birds treetopper anywhere to be found ( I searched again this year) there is always Yoda with lightsaber, which is definitely not a bad way to go. I continue to recommend him as a compatable addition to your Angry Birds tree

 Merry Christmas and may the force be with you .

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