Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot Tips from Cool Animals on Beating the Heatwave

1. Never pass up a chance for a drink or a swim.  Hydration is important

2.If you work outdoors, stay in the shade and don't forget to drink plenty of water

3. A cool dip in the river helps. Great for the kids too. Keeps them happy and cool

4.Nothing like hanging out on the beach on a hot day --running into the ocean then rolling in the sand.

5. Don't get out of the water unless you absolutely  have to and don't move too much

6. Stay inside and chill, in air conditioning if possible. Keep popsicles nearby

7. It can't go on forever. The heatwave WILL end and you will be cool again. Be patient and stay cool.


Paraglider said...

I like the popsicle cat :)

pinkpackrat said...

Me too Paraglider-- he is one smart kitty:-)

Ahab said...

Those critters have the right idea.