Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bento Boxes to Love

Bento, as you may know, is the Japanese version of the personal box lunch.   Personally, I love Bento boxes and often order them in Japanese restaruants-- but who knew that Japanese housewives could be so creative with  them?  I found  this picture on a blog  called Asian Offbeat  which is exactly what it says it is. Makes me want to be a kid again and carry my lunch to school.  My fave is the Panda.

We are talking some amazing  lunchboxes-- hail Bento.

Want  To Try Your Hand at Bento ?

Here's the book that makes Bento a snap in an American kitchen 



Flash said...

A feast for both the mouth and the eyes.

pinkpackrat said...

well put,Flash-- well put

JamaGenie said...

Definitely a case of serendipity here. The phrase "Bento box" appeared several times in a book I was reading yesterday, with no explanation of what one is or what it's used for, and I was too lazy to google it. (Well, actually, I had a blond senior moment and simply forgot to google it...) Now I know! THANX! These are gorgeous...**almost** too pretty to eat!

Ahab said...

Those lunch boxes are beautiful! Very creative.