Monday, April 4, 2011

Betsy. Etsy, Jewelry, and Gen-Y

Betsy Sise is one of those Gen-Y people who gives me hope for the future of the human race. Like most of her contemporaries, she is globally aware, technologically adept, good at teamwork and multi tasking, and filled with a  sense of social responsibility that got lost in the sauce  somewhere in the 1980's when the " me" generation rewrote the social contract.

Betsy is a newly minted teacher working with special needs kids in an inner city school here in the USA.  Last summer she was part of an international program teaching and helping kids in Thailand.  It was a profoundly enriching experience, so this summer she wants to get herself to China since she has a couple of college friends there-- one in the Peace Corps and the other a budding journalist.

She figures that knowing a couple of other Americans living in China gives her a unique opportunity to experience a new country and culture first hand and to learn more about an ancient and fascinating culture.

But you don't go tromping off to China on an Assistant Teacher's salary, so  Betsy has a plan-- a rather enterprising one at that.  She opened up a shop on Etsy a couple of months ago,  to sell the jewelry she's been making for years as a hobby, using stones, beads and metals that she has collected in her travels. Evidently the inventory is moving and Betsy is busy creating more and China is looking more and more llike it might be on the itinerary.

I went over and had a look at her Etsy shop the other day and was delighted to find  a beautiful collection of  delicately fashioned earrings, bracelets and pendent necklaces that is definitely going to make my Christmas shopping easier this year. .Go on over and have a look-- the stock changes as people buy what is in the store, so hurry, before Betsy figures out she should be charging a lot more more for such gorgeous, original pieces. 

I think Betsy will definitely make it to China this summer

Betsyksise on Etsy

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