Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Roku Really Rocks !

 I'm in love with Roku. It not only streams my Netflix and Amazon picks onto my flat screen TV via my wireless network, it also has an ever-growing menu of other offerings like all the NPR radio programs I've missed and lots of internet TV-- even CNN and the Sunday pundits can be had ( albeit a few days late) My son, the techie, brought a Roku box over to my house last week-end and hooked it up for me.  A whole new world opened up-- it felt like the day I first encountered the internet with my Mosaic browser and my Mac iisi . I may never go outdoors again.( just kidding)

But I know a major breakthrough when I see one and I can now foresee a day when I can ditch Comcast altogether for internet TV.  What a miracle. I can hardly wait.

It's early days yet and there are a lot of contenders in a very crowded field.  Roku ( which was originally developed to stream Netflix selections only) has lots of competition, but one thing is clear--the old notion of sitting down in front of a TV set at a certain time to catch a certain show is  so totally over.  There's a new game in town. It's on demand and it is streamed from the internet. TV and the internet are about to get married and I feel like a guest at the wedding.

Roku and its fellow devices are a whole new paradigm.For someone like me, who grew up with three black and white channels to choose from and test patterns after the star spangled banner at midnight,, this really is as amazing as sending a man to the moon-- more amazing I think!

Oh well,   brave new world and all that jazz. Time marches on...... Roku  is awesome!

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Frieda Babbley said...

Love the photo you paired with this. Cool stuff.