Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recycled Books Make A Great Desk

Need a new desk? Want to recycle some old books? Here's is a great idea right from the reference desk at the library of the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands.  It's inexpensive, looks fabulous and puts old books to a good use--perfect not just for libraries, but for everywhere.  Trust the Dutch to come up with something cool like this.

 The entrance to the library. You can see the desk through the doors

 Main desk made entirely of recycled books. Cool eh?

Here's the desk complete with librarian

Here's the view from across the library

Here's a close up so you can see how it was done

Now you know what to do with those boxes of old books in the attic and the beauty part is it doesn't destroy the books. You can disassemble the desk anytime and the books will still be intact and readable, just not taking up space in the garage.  Go ahead, you know you need a new desk and a new rainy day project. 

Photos courtesy of  ellen forsyth on Flickr. Thank you.


Eye On Life Magazine said...

This is fantastic. What a great idea. Now to get those books to stack evenly, that's the hard part! Looks gorgeous!

pinkpackrat said...

Yup, I guess that is the hard part but worth it I think-- hey book storage plus a cool new desk-- what more could a girl want?

Susan said...

I think I have enough books to make one :)

pinkpackrat said...


Avery said...

This is seriously awesome. The fact that the books are completely intact makes it even better. I wonder...could you start pulling them out like Jenga?

pinkpackrat said...

OMG Avery-- what a thought. Shhhhh don't tell them at the library :-)