Monday, August 23, 2010

Chondra Pierce and The Three Little Pigs

I am not a conventionally religious person. So, normally, I am not much on Christian entertainment, televangelists and the like.  The 700 club is enough to put me in a diabetic coma. But Chondra Pierce is something different, and at a moment when religious people of every tradition seem to be mired in sectarian rigidity, violence, and hypocrisy (as in Vatican sex scandals, Taliban suicide bombers, and Fundimentalist Christian nutjobs)  Chondra Pierce is a breath of fresh air.

While the wackos argue about President Obama's birthplace and religion, and whether or not global warming is real,  she makes me remember that there are religious people who actually are interested in truth, reality, and the joy of life rather than making nonsensical judgements  based on distortions, fear, and a desire to control.

Chondra doesn't shove it down your throat-- she just lives her faith in front of a mike and makes people laugh.You don't have to be a religious anything to enjoy her honesty and to identify with her.  I bet Jesus loves her-- and she is certainly giving Him some much needed good publicity.   Listen to what she has to say about The Three Little Pigs. 

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Frieda Babbley said...

I love her voice. She has a wonderful style. Love this post. So glad you shared.