Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thoughts on an Icelandic Volcano

The Icelandic volcano is the top story on all three cable news networks this week-end. They keep talking about how air traffic in Europe has been crippled by the eruption of the Icelandic volcano. Then, they describe what volcanic ash can do to a jet engine and interview a few folks waiting in airports with lots of teeth gnashing and hand wringing

Lastly, they offer worst case scenarios about how long the situation could last and make it all sound like a nuclear winter is in store for the world. Every reporter manages to mangle the word Eyjafjallajökull ( the name of the volcano) in unique and unimaginable ways.

The Real Story

 For my money they are missing the real story, which is the character of the Icelandic people and the special attributes of the fantastic land they inhabit., Iceland is an amazing place.  The landscape is truly alive, even when volcanoes are not erupting. The people, and even the animals and birds,  of Iceland seem almost organically connected to the land in some almost mystical way. The light in Iceland really cannot be captured with a camera and the landscape has a unique beauty all its own.  When you get off the plane at Keflavik International Airport it is as if you have arrived, not just in another country, but in another world.

Icelandic Web Cam Links

With that in mind, check out this link: Eyjafjallajökull frá Hvolsvelli   Have a look at this one too. Eyjafjallajökull frá Valahnúk  And don't forget to check out the video below which contains dramatic aerial footage. Iceland is one of those places in the world where nature reminds you from time to time of your place in the universe.

Need I say more?


LondonGirl said...

My mother did a study of the interaction of volcanity and glaciation - and the subject of her research as Eyjafjallajökull! So she's fascinated by the current eruption (in the way geologists are)

pinkpackrat said...

She's not the only one I gather. Everyone seems to be waiting to see how long it will last and whether or not Katla will go off too. Somebody should start at pool :-)

LondonGirl said...

My mother has a particular affection for Eyjafjallajökull - having tramped all over it, literally (-:

pinkpackrat said...

I can understand that perfectly:-)