Saturday, February 13, 2010

Funny Valentines

Found these funny valentines in odd corners of the net and had to share. Happy Valentines Day to everyone-- hope you have a delightful day filled with love and chocolate as well as the occasional laugh. Love is grand, but it is also very funny.

This is why you shouldn't dress up the dog for Valentines Day

ooops I don't think so

I'm into Natural Selection AND Charles Darwin. How about you?

Ain't it the truth?

Creepy but funny and sadly a fact of internet life

Valentines Day Sex

How guys see Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Position


Sex makes fools of us all. Sometimes you just need to laugh

OK love bunnies, last but not least, no Valentine post would be complete without this song. It's one of my all time personal faves and I bet you like it too :-)

Enjoy your own funny Valentine week-end. See you on Monday.


Flash said...

YIKES! That's one silly looking dog!

pinkpackrat said...

LOL yes indeed:-)

Lin said...

Those are funny! I like the one that says it isn't complicated enough--no kidding! Ugh, thank goodness it's over.

pinkpackrat said...

all done for another year,thank goodness:-)

shelley said...

omg who doesn't love chaka khan! i LOVE that song!!! hope you are doing well! stop by and say "hi!" i'm getting a wellness makeover and could use all of the bloggy support i can get! lol
shelley :)

pinkpackrat said...

Hi Shelley-- good to see you. I'll be right over-- want to know more about that makeover:-) Thanks for stoopping by and hope your Valentines Day was wonderful

Susan Deborah said...

I so enjoyed reading this one. My sides are hurting ssoooo much with laughing.

Joy always,