Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year from Jib Jab and Me

Thanks all,  for sharing 2009 with me and for stopping by pinkpackrat's place and taking time to read and comment here..... it has really made my year. I've become addicted to blogging and tweeting, and stumbling and digging this year and I've met so many wonderful people from everywhere in the world and discovered so much energy and creativity along with great writing that I'm sure I will be even more addicted next year.  You guys rock-- you really do.

May 2010 bring happiness and prosperity to one and all and may we all have an even better blogging year.  But first, it's time to look back on 2009 -- the year that was.

Jib Jab sums it all up more quickly and with more humor than I ever could, so watch the video and join me in a toast to see the old year out.

Happy New Year everybody. See you in 2010

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UninvitedWriter said...

Great video :) Have a great New Year!

pinkpackrat said...

you too-- happy new year and see you in 2010