Friday, October 30, 2009

Twitter Troubadors

I came across my first Twitter song on YouTube last March when I was a newbie who hadn't even downloaded Tweetdeck yet. I loved it-- played it over and over--even blogged about it. It was one of those things I just couldn't stop humming under my breath. Since then there have been lots of Twitter troubadors posting on Youtube. Some good, some not so great. Here are a few of my favorites to tickle your week-end fancy along with some irreverant packratish comments. Hope you enjoy

First, the one and only original " You're Nobody if You're Not on Twitter"-- guaranteed to make you laugh, tap your toes and start humming.

Then there is this classic rock parody " Tweet Around the Clock". Eat your heart out Chubby Checkers

... and more twitter rock

And now a hilarious C&W music video that tells the sad tale of twitter addiction. Get out your box of kleenex folks and hope that @BillZucker makes it to twitter rehab.

and check out this twitter rap.

and last but not least we have " Tweetaholic" by Dave Ryder

Somebody somewhere must be writing a Twitter symphony or Twitter the opera. I'm waiting and I'll let you know. Meanwhile, step away from the keyboard and have a great week-end. TTFN

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