Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Got Tagged in a Game of Blog Tag

Shelley, who does a wonderful blog about family life, tagged me the other day. I'm it now. We're playing Blog Tag, a game I knew nothing about until now, but it sounds like fun and the rules seem pretty simple, to wit:
  1. Mention the blogger who tagged you and link to his /her blog
  2. Post three lists of eight things about you that people don't know
  3. Tag eight of your favorite bloggers and don't forget to tell them they've been tagged.

Shelley who writes I'm Still Standing tagged me. And here are my lists:

Eight Foods I love
  1. coffee
  2. fresh ground coffee first thing in the morning
  3. buttered toast
  4. bacon
  5. scrapple
  6. chocolate in any form
  7. asparagus
  8. fresh strawberries
Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To
  1. flowers blooming in my garden
  2. lazy summer days
  3. getting my front porch painted
  4. having family visits
  5. losing ten pounds and getting into shape( don't laugh. It could happen)
  6. finally getting around to reading " Team of Rivals"
  7. traveling with friends this summer
  8. writing and blogging more
Eight Things to Do Before I Die
  1. lose ten pounds and get into shape:-)
  2. let go of every grudge I've ever held
  3. write that book I've been thinking about all these years
  4. make the fact that I was here count for something
  5. see what happens in the year 2012
  6. live in the moment and achieve inner peace
  7. finally get organized
  8. tell the people I love how much they mean to me

Eight Very Cool Bloggers I'm Tagging
  1. Jamagenie from Saturday's Child
  2. James Golden, gardener and blogger extraordinaire of The View from Federal Twist
  3. Steph Hicks from Peachy Green and LuLu and Stuff
  4. Frieda Babbley of the delightful Frieda Babbley Eye on Life
  5. Uninvited Writer who does a wonderfully literary blog of the same name
  6. Adam Jones of Apple Macbook is My Dream
  7. Alda of The Iceland Weather Report a wonderful blog about Iceland
  8. Andrew Burnett of Hot Whisky a blog about, guess what:-)


Steph said...

Oh, I am excited to play this game! Thanks for tagging me! :-)

Lisa said...

thanks for following me!! your blog is really cute!!

Susan said...

Great idea! And your things to do before you die - make the fact that you're here count for something - is that becoming the new truth about most of us? I think maybe it is, and it's the healthiest trend I've heard of in a long time.

pinkpackrat said...

Hi everyone-- thanks for stopping by and commenting--I'm not usually up for this sort of thing, but this one was really fun and nice so thanks for participating with me:-)