Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye Bye Bush and Hello 2009

I'm so happy that the time I have been waiting for has finally arrived. 2009 is almost here and Bush is almost gone. In a few short weeks George W. Bush will finally be back in Texas and the world can breathe a sigh of relief. In truth, Bush is already gone. He's the lamest of lame ducks, ignored by the world and despised by his compatriots. He seems nowhere to be found in these waning hours of 2008 as events explode around him.

I've hated all eight years of the Bush presidency. It has stood for everything I am against: greed, corruption, cronyism, arrogance, and ignorance. It has been eight years of piggies at the trough and the ruination of the country I love. I despaired when Bush walked out on the Kyoto agreement, ignored the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during his first year in office, and later responded to 9/11 with adolescent bravado ( as in " Bring em on" and his famous"Dead or Alive" statement) rather than real leadership. I was shocked when in 2003 he actually took the nation to war in Iraq against the wishes of the world. I was horrified at the ineptness of his response to Hurricaine Katrina ( " You're doing a heck of a job Brownie") For me these events are the legacy of the Bush Administration. There will be no vindication by history. Bush has been a disaster for America and for the world. In short, he just wasn't up to the job.

Ring In The New Year

Tonight I will ring in the new year with hope in my heart for both America and the world. The global financial structure is crumbling. Afghanistan is a mess. Iran wants nukes. Pakistan and India are squaring off. The Israelis and Palistinians are at it again and things are not looking good, but at least Bush is no longer at the helm of the ship of State. President Obama, when he is sworn in on January 20th will have a lot on his plate. He is being handed the equivalent of World War II and the Great Depression on his first day in office, but I am optimistic. His heart, his mind and his spirit are in the right place and while he is untried and untested, I know in my gut he is a genuine leader who can not only win hearts and minds but also get the job done.

So today, in the last hours of 2008, I feel a sense of gratitude and relief that the nightmare that has been Bush will soon be gone and I lift my glass to salute with hope and happiness a new President and a new era for the nation of my birth and of my heart.

Happy New Year everybody !


Amy said...

Happy New Year Pinkpackrat! I too am grateful that the nightmare is over. I'm holding hope tight this evening, in anticipation of 2009. :)

pinkpackrat said...

Happy New Year Amy, and thanks for visiting:-)

JamaGenie said...

Good job, ppr! You've expressed what most of us have felt for the last 8 years. Good riddance to THE worst president in our nation's history!

pinkpackrat said...

THE very worst, I agree. Happy New Year, Jama--2009 has got to be better just because he is gone.

Diane said...

Indeed, looking forward to Jan 20th when the world can breathe a sign of relief!

pinkpackrat said...

Obama is going to have a lot on his plate on January 21st:-)